Taking Your Business Into the 21st Century

Soft 21 is your full-service partner for the design and building of e-commerce and software solutions, client sever development, technical consulting, project management, and other services.

We work closely with you to understand your needs when establishing or redesigning a Web presence with e-commerce functionality, integrating legacy systems into Web-based systems, or developing complex and large-scale database applications.

Our professional team offers:

  • A true understanding of the business of the Web.

  • We at Soft 21 aren't immersed in the details simply for technology's sake. As fabulous as the latest technology is, it's useless to your company unless it helps to boost your bottom line. Our goal is to propel your business to the next level - not just to create a whiz-bang Web site.

  • Personalized, customized service.

  • Since we're not a huge firm, we have the luxury of creating scalable project teams to accommodate your project's requirements. This ensures that no resources are wasted and costs are kept at a minimum.

  • Strong industry expertise.

  • Our talented professionals come from roles in planning, strategy, development, and design for high-profile financial and technology companies, offering practical expertise in creating a strong, seamless, and functional Internet presence for every client.