The Soft 21 team is well versed in a variety of disciplines that range from specification to testing. Our technical development process contains many elements borrowed from traditional software development methodology and refined to conform to interactive projects under the constraints imposed by market demands. This process, along with well-defined roles and a collaborative environment, leads to consistent and high-quality results for our clients.

Below are some of the work we have done for our clients:
Lily And Taylor
Alternative DR
Amici Accessories
Monster Sushi
Bernhardt Design
Patio life
Chinese Tea
Dosty LLC
The Wicker Works
The Wicker Works

Baby Gear: provided a full e-commerce Web-site with credit-card processing, back-end site administration interface , different affiliate programs set up and site performance improvement using Akamai technologies.

Standard Chartered: built Web-based sales tools packaged in CD-ROMs to assess risk tolerance and match investment portfolios to perspective clients.