A Wide Range of Development Capabilities

We offer a full set of development services using the latest technology from leading-edge vendors such as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Oracle, BEA, Allaire, Authorize.Net and CyberCash.

Our technical capabilities include:

  • Comprehensive development:

  • Our .NET-certified and Java-certified professionals can help you integrate Windows and Java-enabling technology with your legacy system and accelerate your enterprise-wide development efforts.

    We have worked extensively on Microsoft Windows Software and Web development projects that involve expertise in the latest .NET technology (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Crystal Reports.NET, ...), VBScript/ASP, JavaScript, C/C++, COM, IIS, Oracle database and SQL Server database.

    Our core competencies also include expertise in Java-related technology (JSP/Servlet, JavaBeans/EJB, JDBC, ..) and Java Application Servers such as JRun, Unify EWave's ServletExec, ...

  • Dynamic, personalized e-commerce functionality:

  • We provide secure online ordering functionality and back-end database support with features including dynamic content, personalization, product selection, shopping carts, and credit card processing using payment solutions from Authorize.Net, CyberCash, CyberSource, and OpenMarket.

    We incorporate the ability to store un-purchased shopping cart items, user profiles, membership information, and customer tracking data into Web-based databases. These allow the retrieval of any previously un-purchased items or the dynamic generation of personalized Web pages based on stored user preferences.

    We offer robust fraud protection and reduce the risk of rejecting valid orders by integrating CyberSource's fraud detection technology into your Web site.

  • Intuitive, customized site administration interfaces:

  • Your Web site content can be administered via a browser-based, password-protected interface that we implement. We customize the interface to meet your site content management and maintenance needs. We also provide the ability to control product sale prices, start dates, end dates, and promotional discounts through our customized interfaces. Any changes in such an interface will be instantly reflected on your Web site.

    If needed, we can integrate your dynamically generated Web site and/or administration interface with your back-end inventory control system to facilitate instant inventory updates and reporting.

  • Advanced search functionality:

  • With Microsoft Index Server and Internet Information Server tools, your site can be programmed for effective keyword searches within documents or cataloged without the need to include keywords in each document. The Web-tier logic can reside either on Microsoft Windows platform (using .NET-related technology to retrieve database-tier search results) or on Linux (using JSP/Servlet technology as a means to invoke EJB for search results).

  • Seamless integration with fulfillment houses:

  • Information is the lifeblood of any enterprise. The more quickly, easily, and inexpensively a business can access it, the greater the rewards in customer loyalty and volume of transactions.

    Custom back-end integration with your fulfillment house can be implemented to facilitate the process and the shipping of your customer's order in a timely manner. Crucial customer information provided by your fulfillment house can be retained in your site's database to provide you with important statistics and drive targeted, personalized marketing strategies.